How Businesses Can Market Through Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile app that consists of 80 million users and continues to grows. Instagram opens up a market that many businesses need to learn how to properly take advantage of this app through using it for marketing. This app focuses on photos so it gives companies the chance to create a personal connection with the market.  Many people say that a picture is worth a thousands words so why not take advantage of this picture sharing app. 

Companies can use this app in many different ways. They can use this app to show off different products and also take sneak peaks to how it is made.  Companies can use this app to go behind scenes and share photos from the experience. They can reveal what products can do by sharing pictures of people using their products in different ways. Overall companies can use Instagram to gain a closeness with its customers.  It can reveal things to customers through pictures, making customers see rather than hear.  


One thought on “How Businesses Can Market Through Instagram?

  1. In my Communication 359 class we have learned about Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and the demographics for them. We learned this because we can use these social media outlets as a way of promoting a company and giving them great PR.The amount of people that you can reach on using each of these media outlets which are free can save a company money and time.

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